Is Golf A Sport?

For some reason, many people think of golf as being a boring sport. Actually some even feel that it isn’t a sport at all, at least not comparable to basketball, football, baseball or even hockey. Why could this be? Well, first of all, golf is such a quiet, low-key type of activity that is doesn’t quite seem like a sport. When most people think about sports, they think about a stadium filled with fans whopping and hollering as their favorite teams strives to win the game. Golf is more laid-back, calm. It can actually be considered more of an activity than a sport. A person definitely doesn’t have to be in shape to play it. Unlike physical sports that require players to be in shape, you can be four hundred pounds and play the game of golf without expecting any serious problems. There is really nothing physical about it. All you do is stand there and guide a ball in a hole. And golf carts don’t even require you to walk—you ride to the designated area. Another reason why people don’t consider golf a sport is because actually, it isn’t. There is no such thing National Golf League, so why would it even be considered a sport in the first place? It shouldn’t be. Golf is a very relaxing recreational activity. It can promote relaxation in stressed-out individuals, and can even be lots of fun. And not only old people play the sport like some people may think. People of all ages, and races play it and think that it is a great hobby or leisure activity. Just because lots of people play golf after retirement doesn’t make it an ‘old timers’ activity. No matter what age you are, if you enjoy playing golf, then you shouldn’t be embarrassed about it. There are many places for a golfer to buy all of their gear. Local sporting goods stores, malls, and even the internet. So, even though golf isn’t a sport like football or baseball, with a professional league, players, coaches, etc, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be a very fun, very relaxing activity. Just give it a try, and you may discover that it’s one of the most enjoyable things you’ve ever done in your life.

Golf: Also An Exciting Sport

The world of sports just gets more and more exciting and fun, just watching it gives you a ride of adrenaline and a passion for competition. That and all of what is drawn out to us from the cardboard advertisements and great sports commercials on television, sports just gets to you wherever you go. From the smallest to the largest of countries of the world, worldwide action of sports can reach you. But the fact that we are already at a very modern age that seeks blood pumping action from sports, raises a very interesting question, have golf left this category of our modern world of fun sport and become obsolete in terms of excitement and quality leisure time? No, of course not, just as how other sports get through the test of time, golf just soars high with the millions of fans screaming their hearts out in excitement but keeping silent as the golfer in the tournament hits another golf ball. The golf club hits the golf ball, and another fun and excitement filled competition have begun. The thing about a golf game is that, it may not be as sweat driven and stamina draining compared to another sport like basketball or soccer, not as much a team play compared to what you have in hockey or football, and the audience reaction could be not as loud as what you have on a baseball game too. But uncovering the sheets of dense atmosphere behind a golf fan in a Tiger Woods tournament, we will get a similar tune of raging adrenaline and competitiveness as one would have in any other sport. I am a witness to this kind of situation myself. It was one sleepy and boring afternoon that I watched a golf game on my television, and to anyone’s surprise, was I still able to finish a whole hour and a half without falling asleep in the couch. All that time I was drawn to the next swing and the next hole and so forth that just kept me watching and awake, I blame it to the skill and seriousness these golfers have for the sport for keeping me at it, and yes it was really exciting to see who would win. Which just goes to show us how great a sport golf is to watch on television, then how much more on watching it for real, right? I really never had a chance watch it for real though, all the busy schedule I have all week just forbids me of the pleasure of enjoying a golf tournament for real and not just on television. The closest encounter of golf I have ever made was these golf car parts we found in our old garage. But anyways, golf has proven to itself and as well as to people like me just how exciting it could be. I was not a fan of gold before that story I told you about happened, this time, I have become an avid fan of Tiger Woods myself, and I now always enjoy golf games on television. Sports really have different ways of expressing itself and golf just made a mark on it as one of the most appreciated game for me and even for the world.

Four Good Reasons To Take Up Golf As A Sport

The Exercise Golfing is one of the best exercises that you can do. I taught this fellow about ten years ago how to play golf. He had bypass surgery done on his heart, and his doctor told him to walk for exercise. So he asked me to teach him how to golf. He was a retired carpenter. Think about it for a second. There is 1760 yards in a mile. The average golf course is anywhere from 5000 yards to 6500 yards on some of the bigger courses, depending on which tee box you are playing from. They say the shortest distance between two points is in a straight line. Can you imagine the amount of walking you can do on any given course, if you’re not a straight hitter? Some golf courses make you take a golf cart because of the steep terrain. Golfing can keep you’re heart pumping at a good pace depending on the golf terrain. So if you have not walked a country mile. Take up golf and you will have you’re fair share of walking a country mile. The Challenge A lot of people would ask the same question over and over again, and probably still do today. Why would anybody want to chase a little golf ball around? I use to think and ask myself the same question until that very first liftoff from a fairway lie. Oh yes! It is a great feeling when you finally lift it off the fairway and watch the ball fly towards the green and watch it land and roll towards the flagstick, especially if you are a long distance from the green and hitting the green in regulation. The feeling of success is amazing and the challenge to do it again brings you back time and time again. Once you catch that feeling, the challenge to come back and repeat the same golf shot makes you a better golfer in the long run. The challenge you have now sticks with you the more you play. The frustration of not being able to do it over and over again, and then finally once again there goes that beautiful golf shot again, makes you come back for more. Golfing has more than one challenge. The challenge within yourself to play better golf, and the challenge to play better than you’re competitor. A lot of times the challenge to beat your own game can be a real uphill battle. Go ahead and try the challenge. The Scenery Golf courses truly have some of the best breathtaking scenery, depending on where you reside. A lot of the golf courses have rolling fairways and trees of all colors that stretch out on both sides of the fairway, creeks that split fairways in half. Lot of golf courses have greens that are surrounded by huge trees, rock formations, and rolling mounds, and many other natural beauties. Most golf courses surround their greens with water and sand traps. The tee boxes on some courses are perched up on a hillside overlooking a valley, or body of water. Flowers and plants, and or more trees surround a lot of tee boxes. Sometimes the tee boxes and greens are in the wilderness, and or near cliffs. There is a lot of great scenery on golf courses that will want you to say. This is amazing scenery! The Peace and Tranquility The best part of golf is the relaxation you get out it, depending on how you’re game is going of course. Just imagine yourself nestled on a tee box first thing in the morning, and all you hear is the chirping of the birds and the sound of the trees blowing around you. Another good feeling is standing in the middle of the fairway with the sun beating down on you with a cool misty breeze coming from a nearby body of water. I like the late afternoon just before the sun goes down and the trees are swaying a bit more. Sometimes all you hear is a plane going by overhead and the crack of another golf ball going off a tee box. A lot of the golf courses take you away from the clubhouse and land you out in the country, and or fairly wooded areas where the peace and tranquility of mother nature truly makes you sit up and take hold of it’s natural beauty it has to offer.

The Rural Beginnings Of The Golf Sport

It is probably best to use the phrase “golf as we know it” when giving the gentlemen of Scotland credit for its invention, however, the origin of golf is open for discussion as to being Chinese, Dutch or Scottish. Scotland is widely recognized as the birthplace of golf. One of the keys to establishing an accurate history of the game is giving credit to the Scots for adding a most important ingredient – the hole. This important item is one of the key changes in the object of the game. Early golfers near the seashore on the east coast of Scotland hit pebbles and stones, and eventually balls, in a manner similar to games played in Holland and other European countries. But the men of Scotland made a rabbit hole the destination. The modern game grew from these humble beginnings. The king of England has the dubious honor of having banned the game for a short time in the 15th century and also for making the first recorded purchase of custom made golf clubs. Acceptance of the game by royalty and the eventual establishment of formal clubs helped spread golf along the Scottish coast and later to inland sites. The Gentlemen Golfers of Leith, widely recognized as the first club devoted to golf, also established the game’s early rules in the early 18th century. A few years later the St. Andrews Society of Golfers came into being, and shortly thereafter, the 18-hole course. Because of its rural beginnings, the game was first played with sticks that were curved at the end. But with the growth of golf organizations, players began to make clubs of wood and iron. It was about this time that a leather golf ball stuffed with feathers became the standard. Several decades would pass before metal club heads and shafts, along with the gutta percha ball, would vastly improve the length and accuracy of golf shots.

Disc Golf, The Sport That is Sweeping the Nation

Disc golf is a sport that has been growing in popularity ever since the invention of the sport in the late 1960’s. The sport has grown to over 3,000 courses in the US and another 3,000 globally. This underground sport that many people have never heard of is a fun game that many people are starting to play. Disc golf is a game that is played very similarly to regular golf, however, instead of using a ball you use discs. The objective is the same as regular golf in the fact that you tee off from a tee-pad and shoot for a hole. However, instead of using a hole like in regular golf the hole is a basket. The basket consists of hanging chains with a basket at the bottom. Your goal is to hit the chains and have the disc land in the basket. As in ball golf you keep track of your scores and are trying to record the lowest score possible. Just like ball golf you have different clubs or discs for different situations. The three most frequent discs you throw are you driver, mid-range which is like a 7-iron in ball golf and your putter. Each disc, just as in golf, is easier to control and more accurate with the putter being the easiest disc golf use. The greatest thing about disc golf is that most courses are free to play. You simply have to bring your own discs. This makes it a very affordable and fun game for the average individual while ball golf is much more restrictive with their high green fees. Some courses are placed on personal property and these courses usually charge a nominal fee which is much less than any ball golf course. If you’re just starting out with disc golf it is recommended that you simply buy a mid-range disc. These discs are much easier to throw and control than the drivers. Furthermore, mid-range discs are much easier to work your technique than a driver. This is due to the stability and rim-size of the disc. A few suggestions of discs to consider are the Millennium Element, Innova Roc or Innova Shark. These are a very good beginners disc and can be used for drives and puts the same. In ball golf the professional association that is associated is the PGA in disc golf the association is the PDGA. The PDGA oversees the sport in the US and governs the community. In fact, they help coordinate the world disc golf championship and the US disc golf championship. Both of these events are premier events similar to a “Masters” tournament in ball golf. If you are wondering who the Tiger Woods of the sport is then look no further than David Feldberg. The Jack Nicklaus of the sport would be Ken Climo. Both players are considered at the top of the sport and have made many DVD’s teaching the game. Disc golf has been featured on a few televisions and movies and will only increase in popularity as the years go on. Get yourself a disc and find your nearest course to see exactly what you’re missing!